Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Buddha Belly

I am fat! Yes - I am telling the world. I am fat!
I have really started to notice just how fat I am in the last few days. I don't know if it is the extra Mt. Dew's or the fried dumplings (that I swear the Chinese restaraunt puts crack cocaine in or something to get you addicted to them). But I have just felt like a fat buddha lately.
I have absolutely NO energy to do anything! Depression plays a role in my whole weight gain. This wait is almost unbearable at times - compounded by the 12 pregnant women I work with. (Actually a few of them have actually had their babies already). Life is just sucking ass right now. And the fact that I have gained about 25 pounds since we did our health check for our dossier in Dec 2005 doesn't help one bit!
So I have decided to go on a diet and exercise. Why am I telling the world this? Because I have no will power and no motivation. I won't do it! I know I won't stick to it. I told my husband I was going to start by walking on the (dusty) treadmill during one tv show per night (that I usually sit on my butt to watch while surfing the internet and sipping on my Mt. Dew). I told him that yesterday - and did I do it??? HECK NO!!! Because I am LAZY! Because I have sat on my ass for so long that I now have NO energy to even get up and TRY to exercise. I prefer to sit and wallow in my pool of self pity and get fat sipping on Mt. Dew and eating bon bons.
I thought about doing that walk to China thing that everyone is doing... But it is 7879.8 miles from where I live to Guangzhou, China (calculated HERE). Say we travel in December (ROFLMAO - yeah - I know) that would be about 250 days to complete my task. I calculated that I would have to walk about 32 miles per day! Uh, no sorry not gonna happen! So that is out the window! I think I will stick to the dusty treadmill during my tv shows! Then of course Brian had to ask "Is that a 30 minute or 60 minute show?" LOL - of course I said 30 minute! A girl's gotta have something to work toward you know! We'll do 60 minutes later! I couldn't even get 10 minutes completed last night!
I will admit that today I am drinking Lean SoBe Energy 5 calories (well 12.5 if I drink the whole bottle since there are 2.5 servings per bottle) rather than Mt. Dew. I bought one for tomorrow as well. So that is 2 days I know I will not have a Mt. Dew. I don't have a problem with drinking stuff that is better for me if it is available!!! I cannot drink plain water unless I am dying of thirst. Aint gonna happen. Blah!
So we will just see how this goes. See how long I can last at it! Ha.


Dawn and Dale said...


I'm right there with ya!!!!

You can do it!! Trust me...if I can do it....YOU can do it!!!



Robin said...

I should do this with you. I said exactly the same thing last night.. honestly I did. I actually went downstairs to walk on the treadmill during dancing with the stars but then my sister called to chat and guess what, I went back upstairs and never walked... I'm going to try it again tonight. I can walk during American Idol... If you want, we can try to be accountable to each other through our blogs or personal email.. just let me know

Good Luck ~ Robin

Mom-of-5 said...

I feel the same way. I am hoping with better weather to get out and walk.
I can't pass on the Mt. Dew !

Valeri said...

I swear that I could have written that post myself. I have gained sooooo much weight these past few years. I'm a total stress/depression eater.....which means I'm always eating! I have so much exercise gear in my house that is never used. I do enjoy walking, however. But with Mother Nature giving us a freakin' Noreaster this week I doubt if I'll be doing any walking this week....argh!

Kim said...

Girl, I am right there with you!! I need to lose about 150 lbs. (yeah...you read it right!). I promised myself when I found out I was LID, that's it!!! I'm going to eat better and start exercising. No LID yet but I'm getting prepared...joined WeightWatchers online and dusting off the treadmill. Haven't committed just yet but I'm gearing up for it!!
Good Luck!

Kim Y
DTC 3/12/07 for Megan Jean

Kramer said...

I'm with you! Last year after I saw my picture from a wedding we went to I decided to get started and lose some weight (didn't want Emma to have a big fat mamma!) I did very good and lost 19 lbs. Of course over the winter I put back on a little of the weight so here we are mid April and I am ready to get back on track. I'm here to support you!

Steffie B. said...

Well....Seventh Diamond and i are on a diet too...want to join us? lol

Ron said...

Wow, are you sure you and Valeri are not sisters seperated at birth?

C.J. said...

You can do it...it is a lot easier once you get in the habit of pulling yourself off your arse (take it from one who knows). You will get more energy once you get more active. It's those first steps that are killer.

I'm doing the 'to China' gig and I better not make it either. I'm more afraid that I will make it before I actually travel.

Jonni said...

You are so funny! I hear ya sister! I need to get off my buns too. Maybe we can motivate each other.


Teri said...

I so feel your pain, girlfriend. I thought for sure that I would lose that extra 20+ lbs I've put on in the last 10 years by giving up beer and fried food during Lent this year.

The results?

Zip, nada, zilch...

All that unconsumed Budweiser and rolled oysters gone to waste. Exercise bike and treadmill in the basement collecting dust.

What can we do?

bbmomof2boys said...

I asked my dh to get me a bike for Christmas. He didn't - just got me a gel seat to go on a bike. My birthday was in February and he finally bought me the bike! Why am I telling you this? Because I have bad knees!! Huh? With bad knees I can't run or jog but I can bike so that is how I' going to exercise!! There is one problem though - it's already April and I haven't been on that bike ONCE!!!

Likes like we have the same problem!!


Doris & Dan said...

I know you can do it. I use the treadmill during one show a night and it does make a difference.

The most important thing is that you are healthy and happy in yourself. Work on that and you will be successful.

Keep smilin!

Steph3152 said...

I am SO with you on this. Arik and I are going on a cruise in September and I am aiming to be 30-35 lbs lighter by then!! I think WW is a great program and I am doing the online version since I do not like going to meetings!!

Stacy said...

I'm right there with you! I need to get my rear in gear. It is in sad, sad shape.

Good Luck.

bodegalee said...

GREAT blog! and GREAT topic!! Right there with you... and frustrated with myself. We've got approx 10 weeks til our little one comes home and I dont want to be where I am!! Tomorrow - right? Right! Found your blog searching for 100 Good Wishes Quilts - did you ever finish yours (actually I dont think your last post was too long ago, can't remember)?.. Would love to see the finished product if you're further along. Making a good wishes quilt for a friends son - a take-off on the 100 Good Wishes theme (altho suspect I'm gonna have 100 pieces of fabric), and need to get it done in the next few weeks... Wishing you the best on your adoption - and hoping you get your referral soon....Take good care