Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oh no.... I'm boring!

Ok Ok. I admit. I have NOTHING to talk about. I am boring. I have no adoption news. I have nothing to complain or brag about. I have no cute baby stories. Just plain boring! Why you people keep reading my boring blog is beyond me! But I am glad you do! Makes me feel special :)

I have been busy blinging blogs. That has been fun. I got kinda busy there for a bit. But it has kinda slowed down now. It really helps me increase my skills! Some of them have been a challenge!

Work has been pretty stressful. Seems like everything is coming due at once. Which pretty much sucks. Most of it is stuff for the state, who never knows what they want and when. And then when they do decide it is something totally different than what they told you before so you have to redo everything you had already done and it is due in three days! Very aggravating.

I was a moderator at our conference elementary knowledge bowl last Friday. Let me tell you... that is stressful. These parents and kids take this thing pretty seriously!!! This is the 5th year I have been a moderator and I told them this year I didn't want to do a championship round. And, lo and behold, I ended up being stuck doing one. Ugh. Talk about adding more stress to your life! Geesh. What's worse is when you have no idea what the question or answer is talking about and the smarty pants kids contest your decision.... uh... well, since I am an idiot and you didn't answer exactly what is written in the answer... my decision is still that your answer is INCORRECT! or I just throw out the question if they throw a REALLY big stink about it and get another question. AAAhhhh.... Chill out kid! You're only a 4th grader! And anyway, who really cares what a lithosphere is or what 2 times the year the declaration of independence was signed minus 245 divided by 3 is?????

My hubby is watching some loud obnoxious show on tv that he really wants me to watch. He has said "look" 10 times in the last 70 seconds. It is starting to drive me nuts. I don't want to watch it and it is loud and giving me a headache.... argh. I can't type anything without him telling me to look at the tv again....

Anyway, I really have no exciting news but I had to get that annoying Paula Zahn video off the top post. I will really be glad when school is out (May 23rd I think) and I can go to work and just veg out for a while. I still have to work during the summer but if I feel like doing nothing one day during the summmer then it is ok.

This adoption is taking so long I am starting to dream of our second child. I have thoughts that we may try and do a domestic adoption next time. We could still adopt from China as we do meet the new requirements. But if this wait keeps up there is no way we would wait that long again. I can't help but think this wait will eventually shorten because past history of wait times is a roller coaster. But who knows. I have been tinkering with thoughts of Taiwan or Thailand but I don't know much about adoption from those countries. Guatemala is definitely not on my list because of all the corruption I have heard of lately. Vietnam is questionable, but I think it may depend on the agency you choose. I would love to adopt from Russia or the Ukraine because I love the culture of those countries but they are not the most stable (or cheapest!) countries to adopt from right now.

I would love to hear YOUR thoughts. Have you thought of your next adoption yet? Are you just now considering international adoption and researching different countries? What do you think are the pros/cons of different countries??????

And Lastly, I forgot to post families getting referrals this batch. So here are the ones I know of.


Valeri said...

I hear that Russia is something to stay away from now...FYI. There's been a lot of problems there.

Right now Vietnam is high on our list. We're also looking into Taiwan, Thailand, the Phillippines, Marshall Islands. Some of these countries only have certain agencies in the USA that will work with them, however. And some of these agencies are only licensed in certain states, too.

If I could lose some weight we might think about going back to China. Since it's a two year wait we figure we could easily save up the money we need for that trip during that time period of waiting.

We'll wait and see what the future brings us. Maybe we'll like only having one child...who knows!! Ron was an only child and he didn't mind growing up without brothers and sisters.

Jonni said...
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Jonni said...

I love your blog and there is no way I would ever call you boring.

Yeah, John and I have been thinking a lot about the next one. It's hard not to, especially since the 1st one is taking so long. We thought about Vietnam, but not usre yet. We have also thought about domestic. We'll see what pans out. Take care. :)


Steffie B. said...

I love reading your blog....I don't always comment, I'll admit....but I'll try to be better at it! I love the information or good laugh I always get when I visit you! Oh and BTW....I'm stealing the panda on the top here! Way too cute! lol

Teri said...

Hang in there!

Lord knows I know very little about adoption, except that I regret we never pursued it when we could.

But I do know about life. And it's a rollercoaster. Take the dips as well as the hills. Just need to stay on the track.

And you are NOT boring!