Monday, April 23, 2007

U.S.A. for International Adoption????

Whoa. Two in one day! That's so not like me! Anyone know what this is all about??? I have heard now from an Australian and a Canadian that the US is open for international adoption. WTF? Here's my beef with this (if it is true). I would gladly adopt a child from the US if there weren't so much damn red tape and uncertainties with domestic adoption here. I hate the fact that we have to let children sit in foster care for years before they become adoptable. I am hoping that what is open for adoption to other countries is the older children sitting in foster care. The other thing that I despise about domestic adoption is that you can have your heart set on a specific child and be promised that child, you fall in love with that child, and then before everything is complete - the birthmother changes her mind and takes the child back. This happened to us so I know the pain involved with domestic adoption. Failed adoptions happen all the time. And the government wonders why there are so many kids sitting in foster care here? That is why! So - Does anyone know details about this???

Secondly, I found this really cool thingee on Check em out. These are some of my favorite American Idol singers!


Stacy said...

This just boggles my mind. How can the US open international adoptions when we have such a hard time adopting domestically?

It makes me sad.

Lee-Anne said...

Hmmm... I haven't heard that the US is open for IA, but have heard that Australia and the US are setting up a "illegal immigrant" policy. If they come to Australia, we look after them for 2 years (I think), then they go to the US...

Sounds all a bit wrong to me... doesn't that defeat the purpose of them being "illegal" immigrants?!!!

I wondered if the IA has something to do with the immigrants? Who knows? Sounds all a bit kooky to me!!!

Dawn and Dale said...

Our agency has just re-opened International adoptions from the US for us here in Canada.

The children available are eaither African American or Bi-racial and the birthmother does still choose the adoptive parents in most cases.

Apparantly they say Canadians are more "color blind" than Americans. I watched a program a few months ago about this issue. Even some birthmothers want their AA child to be adopted into Canada for that reason.

I'm sure that is not 100% true though!!

And yes...the US would be quite a bit more costly for us than China because I believe we'd be paying for medical etc for birthmother before and after the birth, as wel as taking the chance of the birthmother changing her mind!

It would cost us nearly 35 thousand dollars US to adopt an African American baby from the states. We just can't afford that, which is why we will most likely stay put with China.

Doris & Dan said...

Unbelievable...the foster system needs to re overhauled..I am at a loss for words on this.

At least there are neat videos to distract the new Carrie Underwood song!

Keep smilin!

redmaryjanes said...

I'll be looking forward to hearing more information on the US IA policies. It sounds from one of the comments that it's the same broken set-up as what we have here in the states, so we're just sharing the misery with other countries as well as our own citizens.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I will keep you posted from aus if i hear anything, i dont beleive anything has been started yet as Australia wouldnt work with USA until/if it signs the hague convention on childrens rights. It has as I told you been discussed over here but whether that is just talk who knows, but it was interesting as i dont think aus hears the real picture of why usa couples mainly go the international adoption route rather than domestic. If the usa domestic system is such a mess as you say then i doubt very much aus would be able or want to become involved.