Friday, June 01, 2007

But I don't WANT to go to the Olympics!!!

I really don't WANT to go to the dang olympics! so...CCAA.... if you could just speed it up a little bit that would be absolutely GREAT!
I would rather go to China to get our daughter BEFORE the olympics!!!!! got it? No dragging this crap along any longer than we have to!! ok??
Listen again.... I don't WANT to go to the olympics!
If I need to throw myself to the floor, kick my feet up in the air and scream while flailing my arms about I can do that... I work in a school you know. I know what that looks like! I can do it! and if it will help... I WILL DO IT!
I know you don't want to see that episode... so GET A MOVE ON!


redmaryjanes said...

Yeah! Move it over there!!

Jonni & John said...

You always crack me up with your funny writing. Yeah China, get a move on, we want to beat the Olympics!


Doris & Dan said...

I can do without seeing a high jumper!!

Keep smilin!

Carol said...

I second that! COME ON CCAA!!! We have been good, we have been nice, now what is our reward???
The longest wait ever!!

amy said...

I agree..Love this post and the rest of your blog..Hoping for more happy thoughts!!!

Ron said...

If I understand your blog correctly, you don't want to go to the Olympics, right? I don't think it was clear enough.

Brandi said...

Yeah! I agree...get a move on CCAA!

(Although with a LID of 11-14-06, I will jump for joy to see the Olympics!)

LaLa said...

Here's to watching the Olympics on TV with your daughter on your lap!