Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stork Alert

The stork is flying! Unfortunately he isn't carrying too many babies this time. Apparently they only got through November 7th. That is unofficial. The CCAA site has not been updated yet. Here are the families I know about who should be receiving their referrals. Congratulations to these families whose long long wait is finally over!!!

(LID 11/2/05) All for Olyvia
(LID 11/3/05) Waiting for Briana
(LID 11/3/05) Journey to Charli
(LID 11/3/05) Journey to Lily
(LID 11/3/05) Jillian's Journey
(LID 11/3/05) Journey to Allisandra
(LID 11/3/05) Kentucky to China
(LID 11/4/05) Awaiting Karsynn
(LID 11/4/05) WooPigSuzy
(LID 11/4/05) Growing Pains and Joys
(LID 11/5/05) Amazing Journey to Karlee
(LID 11/7/05) Journey to Paisley
(LID 11/7/05) Fortune Cookie Monster
(LID 11/7/05) Journey to Naomi
(LID 11/7/05) Waiting for Elianne Grace
(LID 11/7/05) Brian and Sue's Journey
(LID 11/7/05) Sister for Gabe and Julian
(LID 11/7/05) Adoptiereis naar China Peter & Graziella (in Dutch I think)
(LID 11/7/05) Journey to Jaida
(LID 11/7/05) Elizabeth's Journey
(LID 11/7/05) Waiting for You
(LID 11/7/05) Jaiden Amore Falk
(LID 11/7/05) Bringing Ju-Lie Grace Home
(LID 11/7/05) 3rd Culture Mum
(LID 11/7/05) Journey to Hannah
(LID 11/7/05) Desheng Darling
(DOR 6/6/07) Forks and Chopsticks
(DOR 6/6/07) Journey to Lucy
(DOR 6/6/07) Spring's First Promise


Doris & Dan said...

It is an exciting time. Focusing on that side of things for now.

Keep smilin!

Dawn and Dale said...

Great List!!!

I'm going to link to your blog today so others can check out some babies!!!


Stacy said...

I can't wait to see pictures!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for including me in your list!