Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day

Thanks to all those who have given their time, service, and lives for our country so that we can live in freedom.
Nothing new happening here. Just another boring weekend. Nothing to do!
I put a link to my cafepress store on the China Boards (yahoo group) and was immediately reminded how negative and outspoken the people on that board are. As someone felt the need to email me and tell me that since I had opened this store to raise money for our adoption, we evidently "don't already have the money for our child and our homestudy missed something". People like this really annoy me. Who gives you the right to pass judgment on someone like this? Did I say anything negative when I posted this? No. I simply said "hey - here is a cafepress store with China adoption items if you are interested." and oh, by the way, it is helping fund our adoption. I have had several people email me asking to have things put in my store so they can buy them, people also adopting. (Read the comments on the last post if you don't believe me!) Items like these are hard to find, the real reason I opened this store... He even had the nerve to say "if you are really adopting..." WTF? Get a life!
To this annoying emailer: I am sorry if you felt offended by me posting a link to my store but if you are so insecure and uncomfortable with someone posting a link to their cafepress store, then maybe your homestudy missed something.
Those of you who read my blog know that I don't usually talk about certain people negatively like this but this one really irked me. Geesh. It's not like I am butt-ass poor and shouldn't be allowed to have a child.


Michelle said...

I cannot believe someone "said" that to you. That's why I stay as far away from those boards as I possibly can. I got a little bit of negative feedback on my group when I suggested that we change the name of one of our cybershowers from a "Christmas" exchange to a "Holiday" exchange because helloooo...there are many different Faiths besides Christianity represented there. People can be so close minded.

Valeri said...

ARGH!! I could just slap some people along side the head real hard!!!! I can't believe this guy had the nerve to write that to you. What an _ _ _ hole!!!! I'm so thrilled that you've created so many wonderful things on your store!!!!!

Jill W said...

People are amazing. If they would just think before they open their mouths--or type on their keyboards. Let me tell you, it will not stop once you have your precious one home. I had someone ask me once if Macie was my "real" daughter. My reply was "well, she's not plastic!" Most of the time I can blow these types of comments off, but when you know it is just nosey people, they really get me going! Good luck with your sales!

redmaryjanes said...

What an ass. I am glad that you have your store. I think that it gives adopting parents an ability to buy things to celebrate their milestones. Goodness knows, we can't find anything in a department store. Shake it off Sara. I think your store is great and I think it's none of their business how you choose to fund your adoption.

Anonymous said...


Don't let em get to you. People really amaze me. Like the guy at the LA airport who asked me how much I paid for "that kid". I have been told that too. We should not fundraise. If we can't afford it, we shouldn't adopt! Just cybersmack them!!

Kim said...

People that are mean are usually not very happy with themselves you know?

There isn't anything wrong with fund raising, why wouldn't you try to make as much money as you can while you wait?

I am going to buy extra items in China to sell at our Chinese New Year festival in Feb. I am lucky in that our local group encourages it. If I can offset the 19K that adoption costs then I'm going to do it!!

Marjorie said...

I'm sorry to read this - people can be so bigoted. I wish you a speedy end to your long wait and every success with your on-line shop - it looks great.