Tuesday, February 05, 2008

CCAA Update

Our agency sent out an email today with this information... I put it on the CCAA box just for effect!
So December 27th it is!

Congrats to these families and all other families receiving their referral !!!!!

(DOR 2/2/08) LauraSmith
(DOR 2/2/08) Adoption & Fire
(DOR 2/2/08) Stafeil Family
(DOR 2/2/08) Over the Moon to Home
(DOR 2/2/08) The Blended MCDS
(DOR 2/2/08) Harper Lee Wieland
(DOR 2/2/08) Waiting for Violet Cassandra
(DOR 2/2/08) Adopting Hannah
(DOR 2/2/08) One World One Love
(DOR 2/2/08) Waiting for Eliza
(DOR 2/2/08) The Harrells
(DOR 2/2/08) Journey to Leila Grace
(LID 12/20/05) Robyn & Paul
(LID 12/20/05) Waiting for Zoe
(LID 12/20/05) Journey to Marah
(LID 12/20/05) Waiting for Emma Mei
(LID 12/20/05) Waiting for Zoe
(LID 12/22/05) Journey to Malia
(LID 12/22/05) Vers Charlie (Canada - in French)
(LID 12/26/05) Journey to Arisson
(LID 12/27/05) Sargent Family


Anonymous said...

Hello, it has been months and months since i have said hello, recently reopened my blog (if you recall all the NIGHTMARES we were having with the process whilst other half was in afgh.)
Glad to see the china LIDs are still moving along, albeit painfully slowly, I guess that is why they took the box off the ccaa site so everyone doesnt look at it every day and go round the bend. Gem x

Carol said...

ugh....was hoping at least Dec would be done for you guys.....I don't think they are making any friends over there.....