Tuesday, March 04, 2008

2006 at last!

Congratulations to all the families receiving their referrals this month!
Enjoy all the cute faces!

(LID 12/28/05) Ryan's Mei Mei
(LID 12/28/05) Journey to Grace
(LID 12/29/05) Labyrinth to Lily
(LID 12/29/05) Journey to Emily Mei
(LID 12/29/05) Journey for Sarah Grace
(LID 12/30/05) Coming Around Again
(LID 1/4/06) Countdown to Aubriana
(LID 1/4/06) Journey to Abby Grace
Ellie Morris Journey
High Road To China
Journey to Double Happiness
Finally A Family
Koss Family
Journey to Grace
Lily Rolaine
Voyage to Karson
Pearls from China


Tamara said...

We're in your year, and almost in your month now! I'm excited for you two (and all the parents who've finally go to see their baby's face).

Lisa and Tate said...

So exciting to get into 2006! I am grinning ear to ear!


Valeri said...

Finally 2006!!!!!!!! And so close to February!!!!!!!!!!!!