Monday, March 03, 2008

How Hague will affect your adoption

Information sent by our agency today

[If you were logged in before April 1, 2008]

The changes resulting from the Hague will affect your adoption very little, if at all. (There may be changes in the post-adopton report requirements.) But your adoption will continue as usual. The most important thing for you to attend to will be your I-171h. Your approval is valid for 18 months, with fingerprints valid 15 months. Your current approval is grandfathered in under the old rule. Hague rules will have 15-month approvals for both I-171h and fingerprints.Your approvals and renewals will remain valid for 18 months as long as you do not let them expire after April 1, 2008.

If you let your I-171h expire after April 1, 2008, you'll fall under the Hague and your new I-171h will only be valid 15 months and you become a Hague adoption. So don't let your I-171h approval expire. If it expires soon, get your application in now. All you have to have to CIS is the application and brief letter requesting a renewal. You can send the other documents later - just get your application in.

If you allowed your I-171h approval expire sbecause you aren't sure you want to stick with China, send your application in right now anyway. You can change your approval to another country later.

Regarding your agency's accreditation status:

[If you were logged in before April 1, 2008]

(Whether or not your agency gains accreditation,) Your China adoption will not be affected. Adoptions already in progress will continue as usual. Your case will be considered a "transitional case" and will proceed as a pre-Hague case. Just don't let your I-171h expire.

Click Here to download the file they sent about "transitional cases"

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