Sunday, December 07, 2008

Long, Long Journey

I know those of you who don't keep up with the China adoption rumors are wondering when we will get our referral!!! We are very very close! I expect us to get our referral the first or 2nd week in January!!! Isn't that awesome?!?! What a wonderful birthday present for me! (Jan 28th is my birthday!) We're so close it's a little freaky! Holy Cow! That means we will probably travel late Feb to early March. That's less than 3 months away! I have waited my whole life (almost 34 years) to be a mother and now, the day when my child will be placed in my arms is 3 MONTHS AWAY! whew!

I was a little disappointed to not be in this month... at least I don't think we are... the dang CCAA hasn't sent out referrals for this month yet... but it is rumored that they will get through the 23-24th of Feb 2006, which is what I had expected for this month. Feb 24th 2006 was on a Friday. We were logged in the next Monday Feb 27th. So, next to no one is logged in the 25-26 because those were weekend days. But, even though I was disappointed about not being in this month, I am extremely excited to almost certainly be in next month!!! woo freakin hoo!

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