Friday, January 16, 2009

Dao Xian SWI Groups

I found a great lady online who adopted from Mia's orphanage. She created a Facebook group for the orphanage. So anyone out there who has also adopted from this orphanage and wants to join... just follow the link below. I also included the link for the Yahoo! group.

Facebook: Families with Children from Dao Xian Social Welfare Institute in Hunan

And here's a link to me if you want to add me as a Facebook Friend:
Sara Lane's Facebook profile


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Valeri said...

That's so cool! I should see if Jensen's SWI has one. I never thought of that!

BTW....thanks for the New Year card, too!! Mia is just too darn beautiful for words!!!

Carol said...

I'm just catching up...sorry I'm been away.....

Oh My Goodness that is the cutest baby hair, and those EYES!!!!

Can't wait to follow your journey!