Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Travel Prep

I have been packing stuff in our suitcases as I think of it. I was a little scared of the 44 lb. weight limit when looking at one of the suitcases but then I weighed it and it was only 22 lbs. So I think we may be ok. My carryon is right on 11 lbs. right now though and it is only really half full. 11 lbs. isn't very much!!!! I am thinking maybe I will just do a backpack which would be much lighter when empty. I have a backpack for one carryon for the diaper bag but we may just do 2 backpacks! I was thinking about packing another empty backpack in one of the checked bags too for coming home.

Whew! There's a lot of stuff to pack to travel to China for two weeks. Babies have lots of STUFF!

I got a quote from Northwest Air today for their adoption rate. Not too bad but higher than what I thought it was going to be with the discount. It sure wasn't what they advertise on their web site which is 65% off the full ticket price!!!! I would say it was more like 20% less than the prices I found on the internet! I must say that I think it is utterly rediculous that you must be charged $107 for an infant to ride home on your lap!

Still waiting on our Travel Approval. Our agency said we should get that by the end of January and probably travel around the 3rd week of February!


Anonymous said...

The backpack worked well for us. It's just a little easier to carry. I know it's a lot of money, but if you have the option to go business (first) class, it's worth every dime when you're on that plane for so long with a little one!

Sarah H

Jonni said...

We used tha backpacks as well and loved them. It made things so much easier. Another thing that helped was keeping all of our daughter's diaper changing supplies in large ziploc bags and her feeding items in another (formula etc). It made it much easier to keep organized in the diaper bag. We also bought a small metal thermos and it was perfect for the times we were away from the hotel (most of the time it seemed) and had to give our daughter her bottle. We just carried the thermos in the diaper bag and would boil the water in the hotel's hot pot (you should have one in your room) and pour it in the thermos, then we could whip up a bottle anytime. I am so excited for you.


Jonni said...

P.S. I love your new blog redesign. It is so good to see your daughter's photo finally posted! You guys have waited so long. :)


Beth said...

Backpacks are great and I highly recommend a thermos as well. We used both on our 2 trips.

I have the name of the travel agent we used for our second trip, and we've booked through her for domestic trips too in the last 3 years. She will give you a free quote. She does lots of adoption trips and has a granddaughter from China. Let me know if you interested in contacting her.

See you on the 31st! Don't forget to bring pictures!!!!!

Beth Bowman

Valeri said...

We flew Business Class with China Southern. It was well worth it.

Your guide will be able to take you shopping for many items you may need in China. I overpacked BIG TIME when we went to China.

I am soooooo excited to follow your journey very soon!!!

Ron said...

Wow, $107 for a lap ticket! Jensen could've flown home with us with a lap ticket for free. We did buy him a seat.

Be careful with your weight limits. Valeri thought she was under according to the scale at home and when we went to check in, their scale had her 5 or 6 lbs. too much. It was a lot of scrambling at the airport to make it work. You can always buy what you need in Guangzhou.

Can't wait to follow your journey.