Sunday, March 08, 2009


We made it to Changsha! Tomorrow we get Mia! I can't believe it! Changsha is a very different city than Guangzhou. It certainly isn't as clean! We drove by some very poor areas on the way to our hotel which is in the heart of the city. The Dolton hotel is amazing! Wow! When we got here the first thing I noticed (that gave me chills) was the baby crib in the room!!!! We are on the 30th floor. There are 42 altogether. Quite scary to look out the window! and the window really opens! and there is NO screen on it! Mia wont be going near that! Brian just went down to check out the massage place. 70 minutes for about $10. Not quite like Riversong that I go to at home! LOL.
Here are some of the first pictures we took of Changsha. Some are from the van we took from the airport to our hotel so there is a glare from the dirty windows! The first two are the view from our hotel window. The last three are of the main lobby to the hotel! Marble everywhere!

Video from the Porcelain factory yesterday (scroll down to March 3rd date to pause music to listen to the video. Although it is just me entertaining the lady's questions in the store! a lot of "mmm-hmmm" and "wow!" comments!!! LOL)

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I wanted to say a special Hello to Mrs. Maples' class at Blair Oaks who are following along on our journey!!!!
And HELLO to all the students and staff at New Bloomfield Schools!!!!


Valeri said...

One more day until Mia!!! OMG!!!! I am freaking out here with anticipation!!!!!!
Your hotel looks posh!!!
Experiencing jet lag?????

Ron said...

Looks rainy there! The hotel looks very nice. Just 1 more day to go.

Journey to Mia Lynn: said...

One more day, one more day, one more more sleep, one more sleep, one more sleep...I am freaking out!! I am so excited! How will you ever sleep tonight!?!?! NO WAY that I would get a wink. I mean, c'mon! This is SOOOOO thrilling! I can not wait to see little Mia's head on your shoulder & her little arms wrapped around your neck!!! ONE MORE DAY! JUST ONE MORE! YAY! I have to work tomorrow, but yours will be the first blog I check when I get home!!!!! Jen P.

tyler said...

Wow - after years you finally get to hold your sweet daughter! I can't wait for the pictures!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy Changsha! There is a beautiful park only about 10 minutes away--really ;0 Don't be afraid to venture out. There is a kFC down the road--take a right out the door and walk about 8 blocks--also a grocery store. There is also a Walmart not far but will have to take a cab. just grab a card from the front desk to get you back. it is worth the trip for the experience (lol). Cant wait to hear how you are doing after you get Mia.
michelle miller

Tracy said...

So much fun to see pics of the Dolton - your first home with Mia and our first home with Charlotte! It is a beautiful hotel. And yes - isn't seeing that crib in there just AWESOME!!???