Sunday, March 08, 2009

7 hours to Mia

Things have been good so far in China, traveling around the country has gone smoothly, the food is certainly different. We are in Changsha now and staying at the Dolton, which is a beautiful hotel.
The buffet last night was interesting...I included below a listing of some of the items on the buffet. I didn't include the desserts, which there were about 20 different items and six different kinds of ice cream. I took about a tablespoon of each kind. I they were chocolate, strawberry, green tea w/ leaves in it (which the girl from the other family traveling with us called "grass" LOL), rum ice cream w/ raisins, and a custard type and purple ice cream that I couldn't figure out. Canned soda, tea, juice, beer and mixed drinks were also included in the buffet
All the food was cooked and presented beautifully in dishes, many in different sauces and spices.

Here is a list of some items on the buffet:

clam sashimi
live mini eels
(5 other kind of fish)
different sushi rolls
lamb kabob
lamb chop
mini ribeye
prawn dumpling
pork dumplings
noodles four different kinds
bamboo salad
pig's ear with red oil
kelp salad
beef stomach salad
marinated duck neck
bbq goose
braised snails
braised snake
sauteed clams
cod fillet in a curry sauce (this was good!)
sauteed turtle w/ ox penis (we didn't try this!)
braised chicken kidney (or this)
stir fry duck tongue (or this - it actually looked like walking sticks fried)
salami pizza
bbq chicken leg
pumpkin orange soup
fried rice
braised meatball
steamed lake crab (but they didn't have the crab cracker tools.. the Chinese people were cracking them open with their teeth!)
winter melon soup with pig's bone
rice congee
deep fried squid
steamed forest frog with papaya
four different kinds of soup
a service area for boiled and steamed shell fish

7 Hours to Mia!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ron said...

Mmmmm, sounds yummy! I think I would have starved there. The food is so yummy in Guangzhou, especially at Lucy's and the White Swan's buffet.

I may have to check in at 6 AM before I leave for work to see Mia:)

Congrats in advance. I love the song on your blog:)

Heather C said...

Can't believe you are so close to having Mia in your arms! I can still remember the butterflies in my stomach and feeling like I needed to get sick before I meet Keira. We can't wait to see pictures. Love & Hugs!

Valeri said...

My heart is doing flip flops already!

Jenny said...

We are counting down the moments! I am glad that your trip has been pleasant so far. I can't say that I ever had the opportunity to eat the sauteed turtle, but I did have some different kinds of duck while I was there. Sometimes its better to not know what you are eating!

Marisa D. said...

The purple ice cream is probably a sweet potato type. They had it in Japan when I was there...loved it! Unique flavor!

Tracy said...

The Dolton and White Swan buffets are for sure why I gained a few pounds in China - YUM!