Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting Better!

Mia is so very inquisitive! She loves to roll around on the floor playing with all her toys. She has so much fun just rolling around. She is starting to imitate more. Here's a video of her saying "num-num-num" while eating. Of course when I pulled out the video camera she wouldn't say it as well as she was before this "wierd thing" was sticking in her face! This morning during breakfast she took her turtle tub toy that I always let her play with while eating (since it washes off so easily!) and she stuck it in her mouth!!! woo hoo! Now some of you may not think that is such a great thing... However, we have not been able to get her to put anything in her mouth except during feeding time and then it is only a spoon or bottle (or sucking on her shirt/my shirt or her blankie when sleeping)! This is a great step in getting her to chew on teething rings, explore toys with her mouth (which is a developmental milestone!) and.... bringing things up to her own mouth on her own!!!!! Which means she is on the way to being able to feed herself!

I included a video of her falling asleep. very precious and most enjoyable to me because this was the end of her 4 hour play time in the middle of the night the other night. I wasn't able to get it to upload until today for some reason. There are also a few pics of her playing in her room. I was playing with natural light but I wasn't using my Nikon, just the point-and-shoot so the pictures came out a little blurry due to the camera trying to adjust the ISO on it's own (however some of the blurry ones are kinda cool!). Gonna get the Nikon out and take some real pics! :)

There is also a picture of Mia playing with her friend Lindley. They had so much fun playing together yesterday!!!

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