Sunday, March 08, 2009

Grocery shopping

We went shopping today for Diapers, wipes, formula, soda, etc.
Boy was that an experience. Here are some pictures of the store and the items we bought. Not sure how I am going to mix this formula since it is in Chinese and we were pretty stressed out when in the store and couldn't really understand our guide. I think he said 25% rice cereal, 25% formula and 50% water?? Gonna have to clarify that. Doesn't seem right to me, but maybe it is. And I don't have a measuring scoop!!!!!
There are also pics of the street scene on the way to the grocery store.
3 hours to Mia!!!!


mumma to many said...

From Memory it was 8 spoon/scoops to 3of rice and make up to 8 ozs! There maybe someone else following your journey who has had recent experience!
Ask the Director if they know for sure! Or get your guide to show you!
In reality it takes a little while to get the right mix for your baby!
Handover must be soon good luck!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

Ron said...

Great pics! Once you get to Guangzhou, ask your guide to take you to Carefour for some shopping. It's like a huge Wal Mart.

That rice cereal was a total life saver for us, Jensen devoured it.