Saturday, March 14, 2009

Medical Exam and Barbie!

Today was Mia's medical exam. They said she was healthy! We don't know how much she weighs because we were too busy taking pics and videos! LOL. After we got done and had left I thought "I wonder how much she weighed!" too bad I didn't think of it while we were there!!! duh! (but after looking through the pictures I saw it on the scale in the picture!!! 6.9 kg. That's 15.2 lbs.)
Before we went there we had to get a picture taken of her and the guy with the camera came at her like 'kung fu camera'! She had just woken up and he totally freaked her out. She started screaming bloody murder! So her picture is just cute as can be, tears and all! I included some pics from the day!
There are two pictures of wedding photo shoots. Two different brides, two different dress styles! They were both gorgeous!!! There are also some pictures of a park we walked through on the way back to the hotel from the medical exam. There were tons of people doing tai chi, karate, mah jong, hackey sack :), singing, playing musical instruments, etc. It was really neat! AND a picture of our Coming Home Barbie!!!! She is only given out to adoptive couples staying at the White Swan Hotel. I was so excited to come back to the hotel room today and find her sitting on the counter!!!!!!!


Valeri said...

That brings back so many sweet memories! I just tear up every time I see Mia's beautiful little face!!!
Glad you got your Barbie. Jensen got Matchbox cars.

bbmomof2boys said...

When we were there last June there were a bunch of brides and grooms getting their pictures taken. They were all beautiful and it was so hot but they were cool and calm. Boy, was I jealous as I was sweating just looking at them!

Mia is so pretty - life as you knew it has changed huh? Changed for the better!


Ron said...

Hey, I think that's the same Dr. Jensen had.

Guangzhou is a wonderful place. It looks like the sun is shining, we didn't see the sun the whole time.

Check out Lucy's for dinner some night, you will like it.

Shannon said...

Isn't it fun to watch the brides get all dolled up for their announcement cards?! Ahhh, GZ is quite an interesting place. That doll still cracks me up. But I intend to look just like Barbie by summer. HAHAHA Glad the physical is over. Don't you love the music channel in the bathroom/room at the WS? We listened to Christmas music non-stop it seemed! What's playing now? Enjoy your last few days in GZ. =)

Journey to Mia Lynn: said...

YAY for a healthy Mia report! Thank goodness! She just get cuter everyday Sara! LOVE the pics! Keep them coming! You will home before you know it! Enjoy!

Jen P.

Kelleen Potter said...

Congrats! Mia is so adorable! What a sweet baby. I love to see her smiles - our little Abby wasn't too smiley at first so it is fun to see you got such a happy little one. Enjoy the rest of your adventure - it all seems like a dream now.

Tracy said...

Funny - the Barbie has changed since the one we got in Oct. 2007. Look how cute and tiny Mia looks on the exam table! What a brave girl