Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mia's friend Sophie

The couple we are traveling with adopted a little girl whom they named Sophie. Mia and Sophie were in the same orphanage in Dao Xian and are only 20 days apart in age. They are so sweet together and just feed off each other when they are together. This family is from Michigan and have been great to travel with through this wonderful journey!! Hopefully they will be lifelong friends!

We went to Wal-Mart today and did some shopping. Wasn't too much of a shocker. We had already been to several markets so we knew what we were in for there. It was fun to look through the baby clothes. We bought Mia a little shirt and some pj's. Other than that trip we were just lazy today. We are ready to go back to Guangzhou. Not much to do here in Changsha and it has been cold and rainy. It is sunny and warm in Guangzhou right now and there is more to do there. Should be a fun adventure flying with a baby tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Mia looks great. Sorry the weather is not cooperating for you. Martyr Park is a great place to visit when it is nice. Glad you have wonderful travel mates. We are still in regular contact with both of our travel groups. you have a special bond. Enjoy your time you have left. BE sure to pack snacks and extra diapers in your carryon as it is common for flights to be delayed. i made the mistake of only packing a few but our flight was delayed by several hours and then we were stuck in traffic from the airport to hotel. Much more time than I planned for ;)
Thanks for sharing your journey with us. love all those adorable photos!
michelle miller

Michelle said...

That picture is so sweet.

Journey to Mia Lynn: said...

The girls look so big in this pic! Glad to hear things are going great. Have really been enjoying all the pics! Thanks for sharing!

Ron said...

The plane ride will be smooth. When you go back to Guangzhou, be sure to eat at Lucy's, mmmmm!

Valeri said...

Lazy days are nice. It's good to have days that are less hectic.

She gets cuter and cuter in each picture I see!

Muzzy Family said...

We are enjoying following your blog. Mia is darling and looks happy and healthy. Enjoy the shopping in Guangzhou...get some squeaky shoes - they make learning to walk so fun!


The Muzzy Family

Tracy said...

The girls are both adorable, and so sweet together!

I agree - Changsha is not super exciting - but I love the Dolton! Guangzhou has much more to do around Shamian Island!

Beth said...

I have been following your trip and am so happy for you! Mia is an angel! There are a lot of things to do in Changsha. You need to go a block down to the right from the Hotel and walk around the block. You should find a store called Les Enfant. They have the cutest clothes! There is also a tea store and some great restaurants....and a park. Ask the Concierge. There are also embroidery shops and lots of shopping across the street (under the tunnel). If it's nice, take a walk and tour the area. You may find a lot to do!

Can't wait to see you all! Keep posting!!!!! We'll have to get together when you get home and are settled in.

Beth Bowman

bbmomof2boys said...

Miss Mia is beautiful!


Valeri said...

You're lucky to have another family to travel with. We went alone.