Saturday, April 11, 2009

new people, new things

This week cousin Maryanne and Uncle Tim, Aunt Carrie and cousins Katie, Emily and Maddie visited. Mia had a blast swimming with the cousins at the hotel pool!

She is starting to get ready to crawl. Brian swears she did yesterday when I was asleep!!!! but I don't believe it. I have only seen her go about an inch! But she is getting very very close!

These first few pictures are of her in her dress she wore to the shower my coworkers had for us at work last week. We had a super great time at the "party"!

Cousin Maryanne came to town for a conference and we got to visit with her for a bit! It was so fun!

Do you see that tooth?

We got new carpet this week in the whole upstairs, so our house was a bit of a wreck for a couple days. Mia spent some time in the Mei Tai carrier and loved it. She fell right asleep. She will NOT take a pacifier but has taken a "strong" liking to her taggie blankets. I made her a small one with a loop on it to attach to the carrier/stroller/carseat and she loves that one too.

Rolling around on the new carpet in my Hawkeye bib! such a cute little Hawkeye!

Cousin Maddie, Cousin Katie, Aunt Carrie and Cousin Emily visiting.

Looking too sassy for her britches! Spicy girl!

LOL her crossed eyes in this pic cracked me up!


Karen and Jon said...

Oh goodness she just gets cuter and cuter. That face she is making in the first picture is the best!!!

Grandma Monica said...

Love to see all the new photos, go ahead and capture everything. Heather did and Keira loves seeing pics of herself. Can't wait to see you all again, especially since Mia's home.
Blessings to All!

Tracy said...

That second pic of her in the red hat is my new fave of her! She is so precious, cute, adorable, etc.