Tuesday, April 07, 2009

picture crazy

I decided to try Mia's baptism dress on her yesterday to see if it fits. I was thinking we were going to have to schedule the baptism around when the dress fit! LOL Anyway - she was so cute in it I had to pull out the camera. Even set up an amateur photography background ha ha. She was so dang cute I ended up taking 129 pictures! I couldn't resist. I put a few of my favorites in here for you to see. I am also posting a couple videos. I found out that Mia hates applesauce! This particular applesauce was peach flavored. Maybe I will try regular and see what she thinks of that. It could be the texture of it though. The other video is of her being goofy today. She loves our dogs and whenever they come around her she starts talking up a storm!
I took her to the doctor yesterday because she has been projectile vomiting her formula, not every time but like every 3rd bottle. I was sick of getting covered and I was getting tired of scrubbing the "chuff chair" as we now call it. Anyway, she weighed 15'12". Two weeks ago she weighed 14'9". The nurse did say "Well she does have her clothes on this time.".... But she just had a little thin jumper and a little bib on. I don't think they weighed THAT much! Apparently puking up every 3rd bottle isn't affecting her that much!

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Jill said...

pretty girl!

Baptism Dress Mom said...

Nice photos with the baptism dress.

Ron said...

Nice pics. If Mia is barfing after the formula, did the doctor check her for an inablility to digest iron? I heard that is common amongst children on formula. Change the formula to a non-iron version and the barfing stops.

Mom 2 six said...

Cutie !
Such a beautiful gal.

Doug and Terrye said...

What a sweetie! I am just mesmerized by her big beautiful eyes, she's just so happy :)

Terrye in FL