Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The need to post

Boy, some people are really pushy! (Just kidding Chris!) I don't have any pictures since I don't have my camera card with me but I realized it has been a week and you all are probably wondering what is going on! (except after more pressure I did add a very cute picture of her with one of her taggie blankets from a couple weeks ago...)

After my last post Mia got an ear infection and upper respiratory infection.... one thing after another! She's been sick for over 2 weeks now with all this crap! poor little thing. I am forgetting what her "normal" is!!! Although we are getting more giggles now so we are approaching "normal" once again!

She started day care and seems to be doing wonderfully there, with the exception of throwing up a lot there. She isn't doing it at home so we are trying to figure that one out. I think maybe today I figured it out. I gave them a fast flow nipple bottle and we have been giving her slow-medium flow at home. In China they cut the holes bigger or even cut off the end of the nipples so we had to work our way "down" to a fast flow nipple while in China. Then when we got home we worked down to the medium/slow flow nipples. She could guzzle down 7 ounces in about 5 minutes or less in China! whew! So we will see if this bottle works better. I am getting sick of soaking her clothes to get out the puke stains! And I am sure the sitter is tired of being puked on daily! LOL.

She seems to be teething pretty badly right now. Which is good because she still only has one stinking tooth!!!! And it is only about half way out! However, it sure does make for some really long nights! I haven't slept in two nights now. She wakes up about every 5 -10 minutes.... that's no lie! Finally last night I pulled out the oragel and slathered her up... that lasted about an hour-hour and a half. So I am assuming that is the problem! She won't have anything to do with those teething toys! I am thinking tonight I will wrap one of the teething rings with a silk ribbon and see if that works. She sucks on her taggie blanket ribbons like crazy. Yesterday I looked over and she was sucking on the outer ring of her water mat she was playing with. Which is not like her being that it is plastic and not cloth!!!! LOL. so her little gums must really be hurting!

I promise to get pictures up soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Poor little princess! Poor mama!!

Try giving her a frozen waffle. They are great for teething. They feel good on the gums and "pockets" absorb the drool.

bbmomof2boys said...

Frozen waffle is a good idea. When the boys were teething I would take a wash cloth, wet it and put it in the freezer. They loved to chew on this!

Mia is growing and she is so cute! Little T also gets whatever virus is going around. She's been home almost a year now and her immune system is still off. *sigh*