Monday, April 27, 2009

Finally Better!

Mia is finally better! woo hoo! Today she had some macaroni and had more fun playing with it than eating it! I still can't get her to put stuff in her mouth that she picks up with her fingers... except the biter biscuits. So we have been working on that. I am so glad that she is feeling better! The next couple days I will get her back on her normal eating routine and then probably Thursday I will go back to work..... boo hoo!

Love how she is sitting in her high chair! Just chillin!

Macaroni bow!

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Here she is displaying her new tongue clicking skills and I believe this is the first time she has said "dada". Her voice sounds like she needs to cough somthing up! LOL

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Anonymous said...

glad she is feeling better!

Shannon said...

Yay for feeling better! What a scary adventure you all have had. Stay healthy and keep enjoying all those magical moments! Bummer about work-will be thinking of you!