Friday, May 15, 2009

Quest for the Perfect Picture

I have come to the realization that our precious princess is going to be quite a handful when she gets older. Holy Moly! She is really starting to be a crazy girl. She loves to hang upside down... especially over ledges!!!! with no fear of falling!!! I guess the accidental fall off the changing table a few weeks ago didn't teach her any lessons (not that that's what I was trying to do! don't get me started on how terrible I feel about that one, still!!!). She seems to crave adventure! She loves to play hard, be turned upside down, be tickled and thrown up into the air... these things are usually met with many giggles and the "look" telling us she wants more.

She is learning to do lots of new things...

--smacking her lips to give kisses when she sees or even hears us doing it [that doesn't really sound appropriate but that isn't what I meant!!!!!] (she even does it when she hears the noise the camera makes when it takes a picture LOL),
--clapping her hands when excited or when you say "yay!",
--screaming when you don't stick her bottle in her mouth quick enough (this may not really be a good thing!),
--mimicking the intonation I make when I say "IIIII LOOOOVE YOOOUUU!",
--starting to give open mouth kisses!,
--giggling uncontrollably when you say "I'm gonna get you" and start to come towards her (especially when she is getting to close to the gate that separates her from the dogs... oh how she loves the dogs... she will laugh and giggle at them.
--She is starting to understand the sign language sign for "more" however, I sometimes think she is confusing it with clapping?! LOL. She still hasn't caught on to "milk" or "drink" or "eat" or "all done" but we are working on them.
--She loves to play patty-cake, only because she now knows how to clap!
--She is now getting up on her hands and knees to crawl (she has mastered the low crawl -- as Brian calls it) but when she reaches one arm out she just does a belly flop!
--Starting to show interest in sippy cups. She still doesn't "prefer" them but she is interested in them!

She is very laugh-out-loud ticklish on her back, feet, and thighs. She loves it when you rub lotion down her legs to the tips of her toes and down her arms to the tips of her fingers... giggles out loud about that! I guess overall she is just a giggly silly little girl! We truly couldn't have gotten a sweeter little girl. We love her to pieces.

I probably shouldn't encourage this, but it was too precious. This video is after about the 20th time she rolled off into my arms!!! I told you she has no fear of ledges!

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Climbing up to standing position for the first time!

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And now... the Quest for the Perfect Picture with a 10-1/2 month old who will NOT sit still for a second!!!

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Michelle said...

So. Cute. I am loving the baby leg warmers too.