Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What if She's a PIG???

This thought has become more and more prevalent in my head recently. This could be a possibility folks! Our daughter could be a pig! If referrals don't come until the statistics say they will for us - next fall - It is very likely that Mia will be a pig.

To make this right in my mind, I have come up with some famous pigs and pig sayings to remind myself that pigs aren't all that bad!

Let's take a look:
A) Piglet - very cute friend of Pooh
B) Little Piggies! Can't go wrong with that one!
C) Piggy Bank - We KNOW we like that one!
D) Wilbur from Charlotte's Web - very loveable little guy
E) This little piggy went to market...
F) Miss Piggy - the Diva of all Pigs
G) Hamm from Toy Story
H) Babe - ooohhhh, we LOVE Babe!!!
I) Porky Pig - yeah - I am a speech pathologist people...this pig drives me b-b-b-batty!
J) Pig Pen - Poor kid. Reminds me of one from school!
K) Pig Out - my favorite phrase!
L) Pumba - although technically a warthog - we will let him in!
M) When Pigs Fly - how appropriate - This is when we will get Mia!
N) Petunia - oh sorry Petunia - she looks upset because I called Miss Piggy the Diva of Pigs....
O) Pippo - Hello Kitty's Piggy Friend
P) [how funny we end on this letter!] - The 3 little Pigs - Oh brotherly love!

so you see, pigs aren't so bad! But I would rather have a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jonni said...

I would take a Dog or Pig at this point! :)

Ron said...

I would prefer the pig!

Debbie & Kirk said...

I thought I was getting a Rooster but now its a dog! Latest rumour on RQ that they are speeding up referrals. So you might still get your dog.

hoping for referral SOON!

Lee-Anne said...

LOL! When I read the title I thought "ooo, that's a bit harsh!!!" but when I read the post, I was "aaahhhh...." Yeah! I'm really hoping that our daughter is a dog! I've got a few doggie things!! And you've made a doggie quilt!!!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

We talked about Chinese Horoscope in our Insight into China class last night. Dog or Pig, as long she is our baby girl I am happy.

Keep smilin!

Valeri said...

Ron and I are both an OX and if I would believe Chinese astrology, a pig would be better suited to us than a dog. Heck, I right now I would be happy with any baby boy I could get! LOL

Dawn and Dale said...

We are hoping for a DOG around here too!! (LID 04/05/06)

DH is the only one in our family of 6 that was born in the YEAR OF THE DOG and he was SOOO excited to share that with his baby girl!!

BUT...if she is a PIG...we'll be just as blessed!! (Man...that even sounds weird!! lol)


Wendy said...

What a cute post about pigs! I love it!!!!