Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Getting Better at Showers

Baby Showers that is!

I attended a shower yesterday for an employee. I sat through the whole thing and only teared up twice. (That's a huge accomplishment!) I don't think anyone noticed the teary eyes as I quickly wiped them away.

What gets me every time is the teeny-tiny clothes and itsy-bitsy socks that only fit over your thumb. My husband doesn't understand the desire to hold a tiny newborn baby in your arms. Men don't get that. They would rather them be talking and potty trained when they are born I think.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to re-do our gift registries. You see, I was so excited to create them and people were wanting to buy us things for birthdays and holidays (that has faded some due to this long wait we are experiencing) so I went ahead and created them. But now... I am realizing... that in 10 years when we finally get to have a baby shower for Mia we are only going to need things like diapers, lotion, shampoo, teething gel, baby wipes and balmex. Because I have been pregnant for so long we have purchased just about everything to bring a child home... we have clothes out the yin-yang, we have toys and books galore. The nursery is finished. Just give us the balmex and diapers please.

Back to that comment in (parentheses) above. I hate that this wait is taking so long. People seem to have forgotten I am pregnant! I revert back to a previous post... Hey - remember me? I am pregnant too!!! Ha. On this post I wrote that the current wait was about 12 months. Back when I thought we would get our referral this February. HAHAHAHAHA ooohhh... That would have been nice, huh? yeah. No we are looking at about a 20 month wait. Hmph. No wonder people are forgetting I am pregnant!

We have been LID for approximately 329 days, that's about the same gestation period of an otter (330 days) or a seal (330 days). I have now surpassed the gestation periods of cows (292 days), otters (300 days), moose (250 days) and chimpanzees (250 days).

So, knowing this information you think Mia will be a horse (336 days), a sea lion (350 days), donkey (365 days), zebra (365 days),camel (400 days), giraffe (423 days), rhino (450 days), a whale (480 days), or an elephant (624 days). I thought I was going to have a baby rhino (18 months) but now I am looking more like an elephant (20-22 months). Hmmm. Just call me Mrs. Jumbo! and Mia's new name will be Baby Jumbo. Geez I wish I was a opossum (12 days)!

"My hand glides over my flat vacant belly. There is no longer a need to fill
my empty womb. It is my heart that is full and ready to deliver my love to
you. As I continue rocking, the images bring a smile to my face. But for now
I can only patiently wait." ~~Lori Haug

Check out this store on cafe press. Pretty funny shirts. LOL.


Doris & Dan Clark said...

I hear ya! I have been invited to a shower and I am not sure if I will be able to go. Not the physical "Will I be busy?" but ehe emotional "Can I handle it?" No answer yet...

It is hard!

Keep smilin!

Valeri said...

My heart still longs for a newborn. I don't think I'll ever stop that longing.

Showers are so difficult to manage through. I haven't been to one in a few years to be honest.

We had to change our registries so much since we first made them, too! I though that we would have a younger child so most of the things are not appropriate for a two year old!! ARGH!!

We put tons of travel stuff on our registries so maybe we won't have to purchase so much for our trip.

We've acually made plans for our adoption toddler shower. It's going to be on March 24th. My Mom wants to purchase some of the Jensen things from your CafePress site!! $$$$$ Gotta love Grandmas!!

It's so surreal that I'm actually having the shower. I still have a hard time believing it's true.

Lee-Anne said...

I try to focus on the child at the end of the "paper pregnancy"! Rather than the process of being pregnant! Yeah, its long and it sucks... but the end result will be priceless.

Right there with ya baby!

C.J. said...

Hang in there...I'm glad we're waiting longer than the 12 day road kill...granted, the elephant is too long but we'll all get there together.