Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yep you're in the right place

Had to change it up a little bit. I was getting bored of the last layout. LOL
I am glad to see you are all still here... I guess you do the same thing I do. You look but you don't always comment! I am so happy you are still here though! I don't feel so lonely now. I realized after I posted that, that I have been a bad bloggy friend as well and have read but not commented! So I will have to start commenting as well!!! I feel so overwhelmed lately. Not really sure why. School started again, maybe that is it. Feels like this school year just snuck up on me! I was feeling like I had another month and school started the next day! ha. Hopefully things will slow down in he next week or so.
April let me know that I have not commented on Big Brother on my blog! and... I haven't! Holy cow! It is my all-time favorite show... what am I thinking? I have been busy watching the live feeds and staying up late to watch it on showtime...probably why I have been so tired lately! LOL I am loving Dick and Daniele. But I am starting to like the love affair between Jessica and Eric too. I have to be careful and not slip any secrets to those of you who don't watch the live feeds. It is really hard because you see what happens like 4-5 days before it is shown on tv. All the nominations, POV comp, and POV ceremony happen by like Saturday/Sunday and they don't show it until Tuesday on CBS. so it is hard to keep my mouth shut to those who don't want to know!!! I really hate Jen. Did you know she is Vanna White's nanny??? Zach the creeper drives me nuts but I think he is probably a good guy outside the house. I think he is probably an introverted person by nature and is trying to be extroverted on tv... not really working as it is coming off as being perverted...LOL.
Anyway, as you can see it is about midnight... I stayed home sick today because I woke up with the worst migraine I have ever had. It hurt so bad I felt like I was having an aneurism or something. I threw up and everything. Bad! I laid in bed with a heating pad on my head all day. Brian even stayed home because he was so worried about me! Took care of me pretty good, he did! Even went and bought me some sprite :)
Better get to bed. I slept so much today I really am not tired!


amy said...

this is absolutely beautiful

Chris and Greg said...

I LOVE your new look! It's very refreshing. I read your blog EVERYDAY, but I almost never comment because I can't relate much to your life (I'm not in the adoption world). But........I support you 110% and am praying for summer to get here for your family to be complete.

bbmomof2boys said...

OMG - you totally freaked me out!!! Very nice design. I'm starting to get that itch too...something different - maybe not so pink - a little texture. I dunno. We'll see.

Oh - and I was away from the computer so I didn't comment on your "Dude" post...but I usually check up on you often - I'll comment more....

Take care!


Doris & Dan said...

Loving the new look!!

Keep smilin!

redmaryjanes said...

I love the new look. You really are very talented here in blogland. I hope that your head is feeling better!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the new look... I vote Dick and Danielle...
All the way..
Love Reality T.V.
Take care

Ron said...

Love the new look! You are getting all kinds of comments.

You can check out my travel blog now, it's ready:)

Shannon S said...

Very pretty header. I'm still here, just trying to maintain my sanity between visiting blogs which should be adorned with pics of babies and living in the real world. Sigh...
I'm "voting" for Jessica. =)

Feel better!

M&M's and Oolong Tea said...

Love the new Layout.
I too love the after hour shows.
Hubby works nights so i stay up and watch it.
I HATE Jen and I am so glad they canned her last night.

But i missed the very end what did she say or do when she walked out the door that pissed them off so much?

Now get rid of the cry baby and Minnie Mouse.

I love Dick and Danielle.

xoxo Dee

Brandi said...

Yeah! Jen is gone!

I, too, LOVE Big Brother. I can't stand Dick (I think he's an @#%), but have to admit he keeps the show interesting and seems to be a decent player.

Not sure who I'm rooting for yet. Probably Jessica or Danielle.

Glad you're feeling better!

Mom of 5 said...

Love the new look. I still need your address.
THANKS for all you do !