Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trucking Along

Mia is doing somewhat better. It seems we take one step forward and one step back with this rotavirus. We're supposed to be getting her back to baby foods and formula but she still can't keep down any food items. She did eat a slice of white bread today in little chunks at a time. I am having to give her diluted formula (less powder than is called for) mixed with pedialyte instead of water. Sometimes I can add the right amount of powder, about every 3rd bottle if she hasn't thrown up in a while. Sometimes I just give her straight pedialyte or chicken broth.
She can't go to day care until she is completely diarrhea free. I was supposed to go back to work next week. But I won't be able to do that for a few more days. I want her to be somewhat back to normal and eating better before I take her there.
It really stinks that the last week I have off she was sick. But at the same time I am glad I was still off work while she was sick so it didn't have to take off even more time.
She is so sad to watch. You can tell she just feels miserable. My heart breaks for her.
This is really no fun for a new mom and dad!!!


fuzzandfuzzlet said...

awe, poor Mia. Rota virus is the worst. It is pretty typical for it to get better and then worse. I hope she is over the worst of it.

Ron said...

I hope Mia feels better soon, it's no fun to be sick with the nice weather.

If she is still getting sick from the formula, did you inquire about too much iron?

Terry said...

Poor sweet baby, Praying she is 100% real soon!